SCOTUS Will Soon Toss or Take Rent Stabilization Cases. Here’s What to Know.
Sept. 9, 2023
The public will likely learn in October if challenges to rent stabilization—from landlords and trade groups including the Community Housing Improvement Program and Rent Stabilization Association—will proceed before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Want to end apartment warehousing? Ease up on rent-control laws
Aug. 28, 2023
According to Post columnist Howard Husock, New York City's rent-control laws are causing landlords to "warehouse" their apartments
Landlords say new vacancy study supports their claims
Aug. 28, 2023
IBO finds units vacant two straight years jumped 8 percent
NYC Lost 100K Homes in Apartment-to-House Conversions
Aug. 28, 2023
New research of historic property records estimates the toll of mansion and other space combinations, especially in Manhattan.
Podcast: NYC Rent Stabilization? Real Solutions by Real Owners!
July 19, 2023
SPONY members discuss NYC rent stabilization
New York Rent Control: Could the End be Near?
July 15, 2023
New York Rent Control: Could the End be Near?
Legislators approve controversial rent overcharge bills
June 24, 2023
Landlords say measures will lead to pile of cases, costs
Show Me The Money: The Misalignment In Rent Regulation Prevents The Production Of Housing
June 18, 2023
Tenants and Landlords Can Both Benefit from Effective Housing Policies
Brooklyn pol Chi Osse says he wants to ‘eat the rich’ — yet he hobnobbed with stars at Met Gala
May 4, 2023
A lefist Brooklyn city councilman who tweeted in the past about “eating the rich” took in a taste of how the other half lives this week, when he partied at the Met Gala along with some of NY's most moneyed elite. By Carl Campanile & Nolan Hicks, NYP
Splitting the rent-hike ‘baby’ is road to ruin for NYC housing
May 3, 2023
Four radical City Council members -- Shahana Hanif, Chi Ossé, Tiffany Cabán and Sandy Nurse -- crashed the stage alongside tenant activists Tuesday as the Rent Guidelines Board met in Manhattan and agreed to a preliminary raise in rents. By NY Post