Welcome to SPONY

Small Property Owners of New York Inc.

Our Mission

SPONY is a non-profit, self-help organization of small property owners founded in 1984. Our goal is to educate small property owners and promote networking among them while providing group power for the small property owner in New York City and Albany.

Who We Are and What We Stand For

  • SPONY – The voice of the small property owner in all boroughs.
  • SPONY helps owners help themselves. SPONY members include owners of various forms of residential rental property.
  • Our goal is to improve business operating conditions for small property owners while allowing the real owner to become known to the citizens of New York.
  • We believe in the right to own property proudly and equitably.
  • We are dedicated to preserving decent affordable housing for New York City’s tenants without sacrificing the dignity and rights of owners.
  • We contribute to New York City’s economy by employing local contractors who create local jobs and purchase building supplies from local businesses.
  • We believe the owners of small properties face far different problems than those who own large properties.
  • We believe property owners and their tenants are harmed by overwhelming and irrational government regulations.

We are working to change these conditions.

SPONY Members

SPONY members are property owners, ranging from those who own a 2 family house up to a 100 unit apartment building. Most of our members have a full time career or job in addition to being a property owner. Many SPONY members live in the building which they own. Members include owners of both free market and rent regulated properties.

Collectively, SPONY members have expertise on virtually every aspect of property ownership in New York City — from renovations to realtors to the NYC Rent Guidelines Board, SPONY members have been there, done that and are willing to help you.

Some SPONY members are also active in representing property owners before New York City and State government. By speaking at public meetings and hearings and discussing proposed changes in policy, procedures and regulations, they educate lawmakers and the public at large, on the difficulties of owning property in New York City and break down common misconceptions about landlords and tenants.


Executive Committee

SPONY meetings are directed by a volunteer committee. The committee is a diverse group of property owners who volunteer their time and expertise to advocate for the small New York property owner. The committee sets the topic, date and arranges for speakers for each Membership Meeting. Committee members also are acutely informed on housing law and regulation at the city, state and federal level, and notify all members of important changes.