Adams wants to scrap parking mandates in new resi projects
Sept. 24, 2023
Text amendment in “City of Yes” plan also includes legalizing ADUs
NYC Lost 100K Homes in Apartment-to-House Conversions
Aug. 28, 2023
New research of historic property records estimates the toll of mansion and other space combinations, especially in Manhattan.
What Hochul could do on housing via executive action
June 18, 2023
The failure to reach a housing deal in Albany last week came despite high hopes for substantive action on the issue at the beginning of the year
Time for a NY housing deal that endures
April 14, 2023
Gov. Kathy Hochul and the State Legislature must develop a housing plan that is flexible and workable. By Editorial Board, Newsday
Gov. Hochul pressed to go ‘Dark Kathy’ on lawmakers to break budget impasse
April 7, 2023
After more than a week of deadlocked budget talks and with a Monday deadline looming to keep New York’s government running, political insiders say the time has come for Gov. Hochul to get medieval on holdout lawmakers. By Zach Williams, New York Post
Uproar in suburbia as New York looks to spur development
April 7, 2023
For decades, the middle-class towns of single-family homes that ring many American cities have used zoning laws to ensure they stay much like they looked in the suburban boom after World War II. By Michael Hill, Associated Press
Housing and MTA funding remain Long Island issues in state budget talks
April 1, 2023
Two of the puzzle's biggest holes are inextricably linked and matter much to Long Island — housing and public transit. By The Editorial Board, Newsday
On housing as on all else, Hochul must focus on winning politics
March 25, 2023
Barring the “good cause” devil’s bargain, her best hope is to focus on a 421-a extension for the four years she’s proposed. By NY Post Editorial Board
Progressives’ ‘good cause eviction’ bill spells doom for NYC housing
March 24, 2023
The "good cause" bill would prohibit evictions if rents become "unreasonable" -- specifically, raised by more than 3% or 1.5% above the Consumer Price Index, as determined once a year. By Howard Husock, New York Post
Not such a good cause: landlords
March 23, 2023
Small property owners are against a bill that would make it harder to evict. By Naeisha Rose, Queens Chronicle