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March 10, 2024
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March 3, 2024
Landlord says “rigged” system deprives owners of property rights
‘Hateful’ squatters ‘sabotage’ NYC home with rotting fish and nails in sofa: landlord
Feb. 4, 2024
“You would think that they would feel some type of remorse … but no, they would do things like this just to try to hurt us.”
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Orgs That Help Tenants Sue Landlords Fear ‘Tone Deaf’ City Contract Changes
Aug. 28, 2023
Nonprofit legal service providers often file group lawsuits that assist tenants fighting landlord harassment across an entire building. But a new solicitation appears to impose limits on this preferred strategy for winning repairs and rent reductions
Not such a good cause: landlords
March 23, 2023
Small property owners are against a bill that would make it harder to evict. By Naeisha Rose, Queens Chronicle
At Overdue Hearing, Advocates Push NYC to Fulfill Promise of Housing Court Help for Low-Income Tenants
March 1, 2023
The city’s landmark Right to Counsel law was the country’s first to guarantee legal representation in housing court to low-income tenants most at risk for eviction. But advocates and providers say... By Annie Iezzi and Frank Festa, City Limits
NYC couch potato has squatted in 90-year-old rabbi’s home for years
Feb. 4, 2023
NYC couch potato has squatted in 90-year-old rabbi’s home for years