In New Paltz, landlords attend rent increase hearing in force; tenants stay home
Nov. 4, 2023
A new review of a proposal that would create a mechanism for disputing a potential rent increase got the attention of some New Paltz landlords
Hochul signs housing bills but controversial measures still up in air
Oct. 29, 2023
The governor signed a trio of housing bills, leaving out a pair of particularly controversial ones.
Housing regulator revives “Frankenstein” apartment rules
Oct. 29, 2023
The end is nigh for the “Frankenstein” apartment
ou’ve heard of New York’s ‘gas stove ban’ — new legislation wants to take things even further
Oct. 29, 2023
A recent report detailed the dangers gas stoves and fracking pose to New Yorkers. Shutterstock
‘Communist’ group leading ‘good cause’ eviction debate in Albany
April 22, 2023
Billionaire financier George Soros has provided significant financial support to the Communist group Housing Justice For All. By Jon Levine, The New York Post
Housing policies to be omitted entirely from state budget as negotiations fail, sources say
April 20, 2023
By Nick Garber, Crane's New York
Hochul’s plan to overhaul NYC housing dead in budget talks along with ‘Good Cause’ eviction proposal
April 20, 2023
By Nolan Hicks and Zach Williams, The New York Post
Time for a NY housing deal that endures
April 14, 2023
Gov. Kathy Hochul and the State Legislature must develop a housing plan that is flexible and workable. By Editorial Board, Newsday
Uproar in suburbia as New York looks to spur development
April 7, 2023
For decades, the middle-class towns of single-family homes that ring many American cities have used zoning laws to ensure they stay much like they looked in the suburban boom after World War II. By Michael Hill, Associated Press
Gov. Hochul pressed to go ‘Dark Kathy’ on lawmakers to break budget impasse
April 7, 2023
After more than a week of deadlocked budget talks and with a Monday deadline looming to keep New York’s government running, political insiders say the time has come for Gov. Hochul to get medieval on holdout lawmakers. By Zach Williams, New York Post