Nimbio Labs, Inc.

We provide the most cost effective retrofit solution for making any buzzer door 'smart'

Phone: 1-800-353-3422

With our low cost, cellular, patented technology, we modernize old access control hardware, increasing the safety and security of common access points.  Through the installation of a small Nimbio controller you can easily and cost effectively enable any electronic door or gate to be opened with a cell phone.

Whether it's providing residents with digital keys and a new smart amenity, and/or leveraging NimbioPRO to easily manage all access points from a single dashboard from any location, reducing the overhead of key management for staff and aservice providers, Nimbio has a solution to help lower costs and improve efficiency for residents and property managers alike.

With the Nimbio platform you can 

  • Approve and revoke keys within seconds
  • Configure recurring keys to only allow access on a set schedule
  • View access logs which record all inbound activity through the Nimbio platform

Categories: Security

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