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Membership Benefits

  • Regular informative meetings with guest speakers on timely topics.
  • Housing Insights, our informative newsletter, keeps you up to date on housing matters and laws you must know about.
  • Networking opportunities: Get and give emotional support, as well as hands on specifics from owners who’ve been there.
  • Share information regarding all topics important to the small property owner including management, loan programs, maintenance referrals, etc.
  • How-To Information: Housing Court, DHCR, HPD, Water Meters, Real Estate Taxes, Department of Sanitation, and more.
  • Action Committees: Join in to bring about the changes that are needed to help you provide housing.


Your Needs are Our Needs

Membership is open to all owners of small properties in all boroughs.

Small Property Owners of New York Invites You to Join us.

You will be more than just a member of the largest property owner organization in New York State…you will have the opportunity for active participation. If you have an idea that makes sense and are willing to work with us to achieve it, the door to becoming an important member is wide open to you. It’s up to you! Yet, there is no obligation to become active…we welcome you as a new member. Remember, the benefits of membership far exceed the cost of the annual dues.

To join, simply fill out the online application below and include annual (tax-deductible) dues of $60 for one year for owner members. Dues for Vendor members are $250 per year (which includes a business card size ad in each newsletter and a listing with a link on our web site).  You can also join via regular mail.

There are two ways to pay your membership dues and join.

1. Pay via Paypal (below)

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2. Mail a check to  SPONY Inc.


8802 Ridge Boulevard

Mgmt Office

Brooklyn, NY 11209-5622

Please include membership dues of $60/year. Make checks payable to SPONY Inc


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