RGB Hearings

This is the list of RGB hearings. The PIOC (Price Index of Operating Costs) just came in at 5.9% up from 2.8% last year. This should justify doubling last year’s guideline increase of 2% & 4%. This is your chance to be part of change. If you don’t take an interest in your business…who will? Join your fellow SPONY members and come to one or all of the hearings. All are equally important. If you want to testify, come on June 13th. You will have 3 minutes to tell the Board why you need an increase. Tell them about your real estate taxes, fines, and water & sewer bills. If you don’t think it makes a difference you are wrong. It does make a difference. If you don’t show up you are sending the wrong message. Let’s show them that Small Owners are the backbone of this City and provide the best quality affordable housing.

RBG 2013 schedule-296

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